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Nabilla Ramadhani Mantang

Artificial Intelligence Student

My Profile

I am a final year student of Telecommunication Engineering and currently joined Artificial Intelligence apprenticeship at Orbit Future Academy. I have some experience during my college life as a part-timer social media marketing for multinational company, as assistant laboratory at Institut Teknologi Telkom Jakarta and as student intern at a huge Telecommunication Company in Indonesia.

I also joined some organizational and volunteering activities. It is not only can develop my soft skills but also broaden my social network. I joined at educational and politics organization and vounteering.

I love eating, hiking, traveling, reading and writing. I have a plan to be a food blogger and content creator for cinematic youtuber when I go hiking to fullfil my seven summit goals in Indonesia. I also love taking photograph! every moment is worth for me to be captured. 

my goals

Vision and Mission


Be the individual who Serve and Contribute for family, friends, religion and nations. 


  • Expert at Artificial Intelligence, data and statistical for making deciding based on data and facts to solve problems.
  • Build community for self-development and career coach for youth. 
  • Build a platform as a pool for students learning and contributing  tracking.

My Skill

What I can do?

1. I can edit either your photos or videos!
I use Canva, Adobe lightroom, Video maker to beautify every single moments before it being published to instagram feeds.
Not only photos or videos but also poster, linkedin post, booklet and more. Not stop at that, I am pursuing my skill at Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign too.

2. SQL
I can mining and manipulating data by understanding database query. 

3. Python
It is still at novice because I am still studying and practicing to be an artificial intelligence programmer. 

4. Content Strategist
Yes I love making content for my personal branding at some my social media. I love sharing by visualize the information in a brief phraseology. 

5.  Podcaster
Being a podcaster is one of my way to share my thoughts, my feelings or my ideas to people. It also incrase my public speaking skill combined with my thinking skill.

Get ready to see what i did


It was my internship experience. I hired as a student intern at PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia at STO Gambir Jakarta. I learned how data transmitted, discovered the process of switching and migration cables. I learned fibre optics and how to maintanance it if there is a noise or damaged.


I was so greatful got selected by Kampus Merdeka sub-programme Independent Study. I joined Orbit Future Academy to learn Artificial Gen Y. Met the awesome coach and new friends. It challenge me to learn from the beginning about Python, Data and more.


I will never forget this ninteen days mentoring session ever. All my thanks goes to Mr. Sylvanus Hardiyanto for selected me to be the his mentee. I know him from Linkedin. He is an Amazing mentor, coach, teacher. I learned how to start my career from rearrange my curriculum vitae and my cover letter. He also coached us how to response common job interview questions. He told us how important are being dicipline, careful, polite, communicative, adaptive person. May God always blesses his life and his family.

My visual design result

What I've done while I worked as a visual designer

My organization and volunteering life

AEC Care and Sharing -January 2020

AEC or Akatel English Club is an extracurricular established since 2016 in Akademi Telkom Jakarta. This club is focusing on education and development at English skill for Akatel's students. This community has several programs with a mission or goal to provide English language skills to members and other social activities. 

The photo above is one of our activities with the aim of sharing our care with less fortunate children around the campus. In this activity, I responsible for the consumption position to provide consumption for each member and children who join the event.

children take part in coloring competitions and get to know some vocabulary in English


Studium generale is one of the series of activities for the official opening of the scholarship mentoring for achievement friends in the sub-materials of soft skills, thinking skills and public speaking. This event is held online on a national scale. I responsible as the coordinator of the visual field of design and property are responsible for hosting/operating the zoom for this event.


I was joined as a facilitator at Wibinx Event. Wibinx is an early stage startup that provide site for creating micro websites for online business owners to develop their business in the digital era. 

I couldn't believe that I've got chosen as one of their facilitator to help MSMEs took virtual photoshoot for their product. It wa an unforgettable moment to worked with people from different background and differen time zones! 

I hope Wibinx will get more approached by people and businees owner because it's so potential, affordable for all realm, intuitive and no need special skill to use. 

My hobbies

how I capture anything

Watch more on my Instagram: nr_tang


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